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Building Permit Inspections

New records are currently being added to this dataset, this process may take a while. Please note that visualizations might be incomplete in the meantime. Don't hesitate to refresh your page regularly!

Explore inspections for building permits in the Town of Cary.

This is the list of all permit inspections since 2011 in our building permits system.  It is loosely based on the BLDS (permitdata.org) specification.  At this time there is not a clean mapping between the Town of Cary inspection types and the InspTypeMapped values provided in the specification.  As a result, we have left the field blank.  Further we have provided additional fields that ensure that rows in the dataset are unique.  

Please Note:  This dataset only contains inspections for permits that are in the Permit Applications dataset.  As such, it will not contain inspections for permits that were applied for before 2011.

This data is updated daily.

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